Just A Few Short Months Away

December 5th, 2014 by

December 5, 2014 – Week 25 of Construction

After the first few snow storms of the year, the construction of our new Honda dealership construction progresses forward. It’s hard to imagine this building was non-existent before the summer of this year. With just three short months left before our move, each day goes by and the facilities get closer and closer to being complete! Take a look:

Not only does the exterior section of the building look good, but the interior is beginning to take shape too! The metal beams are in place and each room is starting to take shape!

The sales floor (to the right on the image above) isn’t the only part of the building beginning to take shape! The service department and Honda body shop look to be nearing completion as well! Take a peek:

The construction is nearing its’ end. With the end of 2014 rapidly approaching us, nearly 90 more days until the official move into the new building! Maybe your next scheduled service will be in our new facilities!

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