Honda Now Using Noise Cancellation Features to Allow for a Quieter Cabin

October 17th, 2012 by

Honda Accord Sedan

Noise cancellation technology used to be an extremely expensive feature only offered in high-end headphones. However, now Honda has brought this technology into their line of sedans by offering it in the 2013 Accord model according to a news article online at MSN Autos. This technology is sure to make for quieter cabins as the outside world’s sounds are kept outside where they belong.

Software Based Solution

Honda’s noise cancellation uses a software based solution instead of packing in a ton of different physical materials, which would add weight and reduce the fuel economy of the Accord. Microphones are placed in the cabin of the vehicle to pick-up unwanted frequencies. A computer is used to invert the sound waves and play them back through the stereo system’s speakers. The software solution to noise also means that it is more affordable to develop and install in the vehicle.

Active Noise Cancellation

The noise cancellation system can help to filter out unwanted sounds such as road noise, engine sounds and wind sounds. The absence of these sounds makes for a much quieter, and perhaps calmer ride for customers. The quietness of the cabin also helps to give drivers and their passengers the feel of luxury. The fact that the active noise cancellation system is a standard feature on Honda’s 2013 model of the Accord means that it has much added value. Cars with noisier rides are often judged as inferior, and perhaps even untrustworthy.

2013 Honda Accord

Honda spokesman Chris Martin says, “Active noise cancellation works to get rid of noises that customers don’t want to hear.” Previous models of the Accord were not nearly as quiet and were sometimes reviewed as being too loud altogether. The 2013 Accord has other features that contribute to its much quieter cabin including more hood and fender insulation, as well as the car’s A-pillars being mounted flush with the windshield. In conjunction with the active noise cancellation system, the latest Accord has a much less noisy cabin for the enjoyment of the driver and any passengers.

How it Works

Microphones are installed inside of the Honda Accord to pick up the sounds that are not wanted, such as engine sounds, road noise or wind noise. An onboard computer analyzes the sounds and produces the same sound waves inverted. These inverted sound waves are nearly indistinguishable sounds to the human ear and are projected into the cabin through the stereo system’s four speakers. The frequencies pumped through the speakers either completely cancel out or greatly reduce the unwanted sounds for the people inside of the car.

Although noise cancelling features have previously been available only in the most expensive cars and specialized headphones, the technology is now being used in mid-priced family sedans by Honda. The 2013 model of the Accord offers passengers a much quieter drive through the use of their active noise cancellation feature. This feature lets drivers enjoy the drive more and can even help passengers to better hear music or conversation.

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